What Others Are Saying About the Lighting Kits
From LEDLights4Bikes.Com
"I have these on my Busa. They ARE the best set of LED's going. I will be getting a 10pc set for the Gixx, and a 12pc for the chopper here real soon!"
" I got the single color red one with the remote. I love these style leds. They work great! What is surprising is how good of a deal they were. For not much more than you can buy the wireless remote you get LEDS too!!!!"
"I love the way my bike looks with these lights! I got the 12 pc Million Color Advanced set. You can see the bike coming from a few hundred yards away, regardless of the color I'm using!"  And anytime folks can see me better, especially at night, that's a GOOD thing!"
"After throwing money into pod lights and single color strip lighting, we have found a product that we are SOLD on! The lighting systems offer a huge variety of colors and lighting display effects. I'm a pretty skeptical gal and RARELY will get behind a product unless I can truly say that I would use it.... well, not only do I use these.... today I am installing MY OWN Million Color set (with wireless remote!!) - yep, these are easy enough to install that even a GIRL can do it!!!!"

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"Great product!  Great price!  Great service! These guys run a standup operation all the way!"
"Wow! These lights have made such a difference in my motorcycle's visibility!  Love 'em!  I'm ordering another set for my other bike!"